Thursday, September 17, 2009

Acts 29 at CCCC

They are committing to financial struggle and emotional turmoil. They are committing to being betrayed, unappreciated, scoffed at and argued with. They are committing to a life of pouring themselves out only to be accused of being unloving and uncaring and downright evil. They are committing to an unending series of gut wrenching decisions and ambiguity. They are launching themselves, or seeking to launch themselves into a life that no one, with the exception of their few peers, can appreciate. They are gospel centered church planters.
Some of them came to Clear Creek Community Church this week for the Acts 29 Boot Camp and I got to meet them.
I would lie if I said I understand what they are or will go through, I don’t. You can only possibly understand by sharing the experience and I didn’t. I am where I am because one of them made the commitment to endure the misery that only the people of the church can inflict on each other. I shake my head at the stories - but I didn’t live the days when there was no money but plenty of competition for power and no one to share leadership but everyone to criticize the direction. I just marvel that some are desperate to answer the call of God and so endure the furnace of selfish, consuming, idolatrous “Christians” God uses to refine their characters into capable leaders of his church. These church planters are the blood, sweat and tears that transform grace from concept to experience.
I learned a lot in two days, you couldn’t avoid it. But the essential learning is this: the Kingdom of God is alive and growing. The wisdom and faith of seasoned saints is being shared with and rekindled by the faith and passion of a new generation of Christ followers. There is no doubt - the Spirit is moving and the gospel is transforming and the church will prevail until the coming of the Bridegroom. Amen.

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