Friday, December 18, 2009


We were busy-
Surfing the net, mowing grass,
Feeding kids, commuting.
So preoccupied
With credit cards,
Appointments, promotions.

We were busy when
God came.
Like a whisper in the world’s ear,
The creator’s breath,
An infant’s breath,
Stirred the chilly air.
Tears and straw,
A mommy’s fingers
Touched the face of God.

Creation paused
Because it knew.
Still we swept floors,
Changed channels, crowded streets.
Still we went our way
Spending, yearning,
Chasing rest.

Shepherds ran!
Shadows fell
From newborn glory.
The light of God,
The glory of God in the face of Jesus,
Heaven cheered,
Angels sang,
A chorus written in our souls.

Good news!
Good news!
“Unto you is born this day a Savior”
Christ the Lord!
Good news!
Great joy for all the people!
And hope, precious hope.
Comfort and joy
And precious hope.

I pray the wonder of the coming of Jesus will grab your heart like it does mine. Merry Christmas.